Guest house "Artes"

First floor:

The first floor is designed for fun. It consists of a large hall divided in two - a living hall with a fireplace, cable TV and upholstered furniture; and a dining hall. The dining hall has a kitchen box with everything necessary to prepare your own meals and beverages and have a pleasant and comfortable vacation. It is equipped with built-in ceramic kitchen appliances, microwave oven, fridge, laundry machine, and a bar.
The dining hall is connected to a large (15 m2) terrace which is ideal for having a dinner or a party out in the open. The magnificent view of the surrounding landscape - hills, mountain peaks, lakes and even the silhouette of the Romanian highlands - helps you relax and enjoy your vacation thoroughly.

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Second floor:

The second floor is mostly bedrooms. There are two rooms with two beds each and a single room with both a bedroom suite and a single bed suitable for a family of three for instance. Each room has independent air conditioning and a TV set with cable TV. The second floor also has a bathroom and two balconies there that provide splendid view towards the town and its surroundings.

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