The town of Belogradchik is situated in the western reaches of Stara Planina, 545 meters above mean sea level and is relatively close to some of the major cities: 182 km in the north-west from the capital Sofia, 68 km in the north-west from Montana, and 52 km in the south-west of Vidin. The town lies between the mountain ranges of Venetsa and Vedernik at the foot of the unique rock massive Belogradchishki Skali. The total area of Belogradchik Municipality equals 411 square kilometers which include 18 321 ha of forests. The amazing rock sculptures of the Belogradchishki Skali have been forming for more than 200 millions of years to reach their present state of fantastic shapes that resemble people and animals, and are the subject of many myths and legends. The most notorious and interesting of them are Adam and Eve, the Schoolgirl, the Bear, the Madonna, the Horseman, the Monks, the Little Shepherd, the Dervish, the Mushrooms and many more.

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About the House

Welcome to Belogradchik!

A tale of rocks telling many different stories. The best place to rest and relax among the unique environment of Belogradchik is guest house "Artes".

The house is in the town center, looming high above the town square. It offers magnificent view of the town and the surrounding cliffs. If you're in the mood to either relax or party - a birthday or a romantic dinner, "Artes" is your place. Welcome!

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Guest house "Artes" in Belogradchik - an amazing combination of a centuries old town, beautiful nature and the hospitality guest house "Artes" provides. Should you wish to have good time for some reason (birthday celebration, holiday or a regular weekend, etc.), romantic vacation or just go sightseeing the wondrous cliffs around town, guest house "Artes" will always be keeping open doors for you. We welcome you!

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