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Neither famouse george of Oliul in Provencen, nor the Pincarbo. gorgein. Spain, nor the Alps, the wildest mountains in Tyrol and Switzerland possess anything that could compare with wath i saw in Bulgaria at Belogradchik

"Jerome Blanqui" - 1841

french economist and. traveler

What can you see in Belogradchik

Belogradchik is a small town nestled between the rocks. Perhaps one of the few places in the world,  where at a very short distance, namely about 25. sq. km., you. can see the entire human history and culture on this lands,  build centuries. among the unique Belogradchik rocks. Here in this place you will get to know the primitive people. and. cave paintings in. the Magura cave, ro Tracian sanctuaries, Roman roads and buildings, the history from the Middle Ages to the present day


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05-21 August 2022

The festival “Opera of the Peaks” – Belogradchik Rocks is an innovative idea of the stage director Plamen Kartaloff, whose unusual stage decisions and concept are connected with their setting among the magical beauty of the Belogradchik Rocks.

The Belogradchik Rocks are included in the list of the 100 national touristic sites.



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