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11 reasons to visit Belogradchik

There is no doubt that there are always at least 11 reasons to visit Belogradchik and the area. Of course, we take it for granted and don’t pay it that much attention. However, in our opinion, we have enough reason to give this part of Bulgaria the necessary attention. In today’s dynamically changing travel environment, it is worth covering this destination as well. For this reason, we decided to highlight 11 reasons to visit Belogradchik. It is natural that you already know most of them, but we hope that you will read our article, and who knows – you might find something interesting in it and visit the northwestern region of our country. In order not to bore you with unnecessary stories, let’s start listing the reasons in question to visit Belogradchik.

Belogradchik Rocks

We can’t help but start with one of the main reasons to visit Belogradchik, namely the Belogradchik rocks. The well-known natural phenomenon was formed about 230 million years ago. It has always been there, and most likely it will be after us. The area catches the eye with the many bizarre forms sculpted by the climatic conditions. It is natural that there are legends about almost each of them that you can learn from the local people. For lovers of beautiful views, it is worth the effort to climb to the highest part of the rocks. From the small plateau you can see an unforgettable landscape towards the Pre-Balkans, the main ridge for the Western Stara Planina and part of the hills of the Danube Plain.

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Belogradchiska fortress

An integral part of the rocks is the Belogradchi fortress. Threatening the approach to the narrow passage for the ascent to the rocks, it seems to appear as a natural appendage to the natural formations behind it. The walls stand as a sentinel in front of the seemingly impenetrable rocks, which in turn form part of the fortifications. The construction dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Of course, there are legends about her, but the more significant events for which she is remembered date mainly from the 19th century, when Bulgaria was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Many are the battles that this assemblage of orderly and naturally placed stone has witnessed over the centuries. The fortress, together with the Belogradchik rocks, are two of the main 11 reasons to visit Belogradchik. But we have prepared more for you.

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Belogradchik Historical Museum

On the way to the Belogradchik rocks and the fortress, in one of the revival houses of Belogradchik there is a historical museum. As you have already guessed, the exposition presents the time of the struggle of the local population against the Ottoman conquerors. In front of the museum there is a monument to a Bulgarian associated with the uprising of 1850.

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Natural History Museum Belogradchik

We conclude the museum part by mentioning the natural history museum of Belogradchik, in the visitor center right next to the fortress. In it you will be able to get acquainted with the most famous representatives of the flora and fauna of Northwestern Bulgaria, as it is the largest natural history museum in Northwestern Bulgaria.

A small river named Duden

Belogradchik Astronomical Observatory

We keep your attention still in the immediate vicinity of Belogradchik to offer you a look at the astronomical observatory of Belogradchik from a distance. It is part of the BAS and, in particular, the Institute of Astronomy. Unfortunately, the observatory does not accept visitors and visits there have been suspended. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Belogradchi fortress and can be seen from there. Looking from the other side, from the position of the observatory there is a wonderful view of the Belogradchik rocks and the fortress. The perfect post-lunch photo spot for those who want to have it all in one shot.

Magurata Cave

Some may remember the naturally sparkling Magura wine produced there. But we are not on that topic now, although it is nice to give it its due in another post. Let’s talk about the cave. It is located in the Rabishka limestone mound and is considered one of the largest caves in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, it has not yet been fully explored. In the part open to visitors, many interesting cave formations can be seen, as well as prehistoric paintings dating from different eras. An ancient painted solar calendar was also discovered – one of the earliest in Europe. This destination is perhaps the third of the 11 reasons to visit Belogradchik, and trust us, you won’t regret it at all.

Rabisha Lake

On the way out of the Magurata cave, your gaze stops at Rabish Lake. Formed by shifting of the earth’s layers, which has formed a small hollow. Subsequently, it filled with water. What is interesting about the lake is the fact that it has no outlet – a rare natural anomaly. You can practice hunting, fishing and for the more daring, swimming, although it is not very deep. Naturally, local legends about a monster inhabiting the lake are rampant here as well. Who knows, you may be lucky or unlucky to meet him.

Veneza Cave

The cave is located about 15 km from Belogradchik. The attraction of the cave is the colored lighting, made with funds from a program of the European Fund for Reconstruction and Development. A variety of cave formations can be seen inside, making it one of the most beautiful in the country. This, of course, contributes to the lighting, which presents the formations in a unique way. Forms of the semi-precious stone onyx and various crystals can be found here. This is certainly one of the reasons to visit Belogradchik, leaving aside other attractions.

Kozarnika cave

Not far from the Venetsa cave is another one – Kozarnika. During the subsequent archaeological researches, some of the earliest evidences of the presence of people were found not only in these lands, but also in Europe. here you will not be able to enjoy rock formations, but on the other hand you will enrich your historical knowledge about the origin of modern man.

Bashovishka church

The medieval church is located in the area of ​​the Venetsa and Kozarnika caves. Today, only the ruins of the building can be seen there. Unfortunately, the patron of the church is unknown and so far no evidence has been found of the name it bore. The few fragments of frescoes that have been found have been compared to the style of the Boyan church, which dates from the 13th century.

White water waterfall

Bela Voda waterfall

Is located near the village of Stakevtsi, Belogradchik municipality. It is naturally located in a beautiful wooded area, in the middle of a deciduous forest. Its height is about 15 meters. Several small waterfalls can be seen along the bed of the Stakevska river.

Final thoughts

If you are reading these words, then we managed to hold your attention long enough for you to read it all the way to the end. We hope that we managed to arouse your interest and curiosity so that you want to explore this little-known corner of our beautiful homeland. See you again with our team.

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