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History Of Rocks

About 230 million years ago (at the end of the Paleozoic era), sandy-marl rocks were layered in this area. Later they were flooded by the sea, at the bottom of which the sand, gravel and clay brought by the rivers were deposited. Over time, these materials were joined by silicon or sand-clay solder. This resulted in conglomerates and sandstones known as variegated sandstone. Due to staining with iron oxide, they acquired a reddish hue.

History Of The City

2000 years ago the Roman state controlled the majority of the lands of Europe. Local tribes and nations often tried to expel the invaders, so the Romans were building shelters and fortresses to protect their troops and provisions. Just then, an unknown at that time Roman strategist noticed over the ancient village of Fehervar, an elliptical ledge surrounded by impenetrable red colored rocks

Amazing Destination

The town of Belogradchik was declared a tourist destination in 1949. With numerous awards won in the tourism category, the region ranks among the most visited places in Bulgaria, and for Northwestern Bulgaria it holds the first place. Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy great natural views of the bizarre Belogradchisk rocks, try great local specialties, taste wine aged in the unique "Magura" cave, and feel the emergence of cave art in it itself. A region steeped in history, art and a sense of some strange magic that keeps you coming back again and again.

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