“Bela Voda” Waterfall

“Bela Voda” Waterfall

The “Bela Voda” waterfall is located in the beautiful village of Stakevtsi, located in Northeastern Bulgaria. It is one of the most impressive natural attractions in the region and is a very popular tourist attraction. The waterfall has a height of about 10 meters and is located in a beautiful wooded area, which makes the experience even more impressive. Water falls from the forest into a small lake that forms below the waterfall. To visit the Bela Voda waterfall, you can follow the well-marked path that starts from the center of the village. Along the way, you will encounter several small bridges and roads that will lead you to the waterfall itself. The last part of the road is a bit steep and can be a bit difficult, especially for less fit visitors. However, experiencing this natural beauty is extremely worthwhile and rewarding. When you reach the “Bela Voda” waterfall, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view it offers. You can use the footbridge to approach the waterfall and refresh yourself from its beautiful water. The area around the “Bela Voda” waterfall is a wonderful place for a walk and picnic in nature. This is a place you should definitely visit if you are near the village of Stakevtsi.

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