Magura Cave

Are a hundred years too many? In comparison to a human life, it is a long time. And what about a thousand? It really is a lot! Well, what about fifteen million years! This is incomparable! A man would give everything to see something that looks the same as before fifteen million years. How many are such places on our planet? Not more than four or five. And did you know that one of them is located in Bulgaria? Incredible! Before long, long time, Earth was an inhospitable and frightening place. Powerful volcanoes and earthquakes, monstrous floodings and hurricanes have created the mountains and valleys of the young planet, changing the direction of the rivers and seas sites. It lasted too long and when heaven and ground forces were already tired, the ground finally was in peace. It was, however apparent, because at that time lived large and bloodthirsty animals and creatures that competed not only for the food, but also for the only shelters at that time – the caves. People understood that they can overcome the big beasts and banish them from there, only if they unite in large groups. So, a tribe of primitive people started living in the cave, which today we call “Magura”. At first they only went out to get food and materials for tools and weapons. But since the temperature in the cave was constant, but too low, people began to bring in trees and branches that they used for building houses inside the cave. They stuck wooden stakes in the cave clay, and on them they built the walls and floors from entwined rods plastered with yellow clay. They also made paths and stone steps, which helped them to move easily around the village and masonry ovens, which were used for cooking and baking a variety of dishes. Hunting related to the livelihood of the tribe and their meetings with the wild beasts in the wild were too impressive for the people, so they painted them on the walls of the cave. Schematic and simplified, they depict unique male and female figures, unknown animals, strange characters and lines. In front of our eyes reveal scenes from the life of cavemen, who inhabited our land thousands of years ago. Perhaps accidentally, but the material used for the drawings was in close proximity and abundance in the halls of the cave, and this is the bat manure, which is due bas bulge of the drawings. Over the years, the rock uncovered with guano was weathering under the influence of atmospheric moisture and gradually was collapsing on the floor, and the drawings preserved by the “paint” naturally protruded a few millimeters above the bedrock. Stepping into the cool rock darkness in wet clay, one becomes aware of the brevity of their earthly sojourn – as a moment in the timelessness of nature, written by the amazing forms of this unique underworld. The world of caves, which will always hide some magic laced with mystery and mysticism associated with the emergence and overwhelming their long time of existence. Has the “Magura” cave revealed through it’s secret? Hardly!

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Currency: The official currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian LEV (BGLV). 1 LEV is equivalent to 0.51 Euro.

Rabisha Village 

Every day from
09:30 - 18:30


The first group enters at 10:00

The last group enters at 16:30

+359 93 296 677

Important inforamtion – The cave is entered every round hour, with the last entry at 4 p.m. the crossing takes about 1 hour. There is a paid parking lot in front of the cave. Payment is one-time, not hourly. The drawing room is currently closed indefinitely. In another hall, a visual projection of the paintings has been set up so that visitors can see and learn about the paintings. The cave is one of the few with an entrance and a separate exit. The exit is to Rabish Lake and from there guests can reach the parking lot by tourist train.

Where you can spend the night and eat!

Magura Cave is located in the village of Rabisha, and the nearest hotel with a restaurant is located in close proximity to the entrance of the cave. You can also search for overnight stays in the city of Belogradchik and the region.

Our restaurants offer both local and regional delicios dishes. To find your dining location, please click the botton below

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