Track And Field Cross

Track And Field Cross

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Over BGN 20,000 will be the prize fund of the first track and field cross with international participation “The Rocks” on the streets of Belogradchik, according to the organizers.

The race will be held on Sunday, October 15, and it is expected that there will be participants of all ages – from the youngest to veterans. The route will be asphalt with a very small gradient, and the duration of the ascent is no more than 200 meters. The competition will also have no entry fee. Registration will be through a website specially created for the event from mid-August to September 30.

There will also be team participation for 14-, 16- and 18-year-old boys and girls. A team will consist of 4 competitors. They will make one lap each, the length of which is 1750 m.

All participants in the teams finishing from first to sixth place will receive as a prize running shoes – 144 pairs. In addition, the individual prize-winners, also up to the sixth place, will also be awarded with sports equipment.

There will also be one for competitors up to the age of 18 in both sexes, and a cash prize is also provided for them – from BGN 500 for first place to BGN 150 for sixth.

The girls will run two laps – a total of 3500 m, and the boys – 3 laps (5250 m).

For the women, who will also compete at a distance of 3,500 m, there will be cash prizes up to eighth place with a prize fund of BGN 2,725. The winner will walk away with BGN 750, and the eighth-place finisher with BGN 150.

BGN 5,550 is the prize fund for the men who will run 8,750 km. A premium of BGN 1,250 is provided for the winner. There will be cash prizes up to the 12th place finishers.

The “Rocks” cross show is expected to be the veterans, with women over 45 and men over 50. However, the stronger sex will be divided into three categories by… kilograms – up to 80 kg, up to 100 kg and over 100 kg. All prize-winners will receive boxes of wine, and all participants will receive a bottle of elite champagne. To reach them, both sexes will have to run 900 m.

The winners of the individual competitions will also receive a commemorative cup.

During the cross-country, there will also be a city championship of Belogradchik for teenagers, and the winners will leave with medals and sports equipment.

There will also be special shirts for all participants.

After the run, guests and participants will be able to walk and see the famous Belogrdachishki rocks, “Magura” Cave, Venetsa Cave, Lepenitsa Cave, Kaleto Fortress, as well as eat local cuisine and taste the boutique wines of the region.



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