Пещера Магура

Magura Cave

Magura Cave is one of the most famous tourist spots in Bulgaria and is known for its multi-colored halls and amazing trickling water structures. But apart from being a tourist attraction, Magura Cave has been inhabited and has been home to many animals and people throughout history.

Traces have been found since the Stone Age, when caves were a refuge for early humans. During the later periods of history, the cave was used by different civilizations – the Thracians, the Romans and the Slavs.

In 1959, the Bulgarian speleologist Yanka Tonkova established that there were traces of people in the cave in the period around 7000 BC. The primitive people inhabiting this region left visible traces of their stay in the cave. Remains of primitive dwellings, hearths and the well-known paintings on the walls of the cave depicting figures and animals, hunting scenes, solar calendar and rituals.

The Magura cave was also used as a refuge during the wars. During the Second World War, the cave was used by the partisans as a hideout and weapons storage.

Today, Magura Cave is completely a tourist attraction and no one lives in it permanently :). Visiting it is a unique experience for all those who like to be close to nature and enjoy the beautiful views that this magical place can offer.

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